The death of a God: a (mostly) true story

This is the story about my uncle. What I remember and how the hell I want to remember it. It isn’t the happiest story on the planet but even the happiest stories have sad portions in them. You may be sad reading this but I promise I’m not so sad writing about him. He was the happiest memory I have, and this is his story, the way I want to remember it.

My Uncle was a God amongst men. If jesus was around he would’ve taken notes from my Uncle because that whiny little bitch didn’t know a thing in comparison about compassion and love. Honestly I hate religion, it was forced down my throat as a child and never made any sense to me at all. But if there was a ‘God’ I called him Uncle, and secretly, I called him Dad. For this story my Uncle will be referred to as Zeus, since God gets repetitive and lets face it, it’s not as cool of a name.

Zeus’ rise to power was always hindered by the titans, his brothers. That much was obvious in my family. Hades, his brother and my ‘father’ was always trying to undermine him like it mattered in the big scheme of things who was on the top.

Zeus was cursed as a child, it wasn’t a curse he should’ve had to bare, he didn’t deserve it but the curse that was placed on him as a teen left him in constant pain. It caused him pain to move, breath, just to live but he never complained, never bitched, never said a word about it, you would look him right in the eye and NEVER KNOW he was in so much pain. Medusa his mother, my grandmother (fuck you, it doesn’t need to be accurate to greek myth this is my story) and Cronus his father were constantly fighting the rule of their children, it would be a battle of epic proportions with my father banished from the family and my uncle taking his leave.

In these conditions it would be easy to become a monster, a titan. But he was stronger than that he was cut from a different fucking cloth than you or I. When Hades brought forth a child, Gabriel to his mother Medusa (my grandma) he was subject to the same labors much like Zeus was.

Now Gods aren’t supposed to interfere with the matters of mortals. But as we all know this never really happened. Zeus stopped trying to climb to Olympus , mostly because his curse would not allow him to rule over his own land and lived, off and on with Medusa.

He would go on to protect Gabriel from the rage of Medusa and the evil family from which he was spawned. Several times over he would put himself out there to protect him from the curse she was trying to pass on, a much different one that Zeus had to deal with, but that the rest of the family was afflicted with. Zeus would chart the course that is Gabriels life TO THIS DAY. If it wasn’t for Zeus he would not be the Gabriel you see today.

Now remember, Zeus was cursed, so no matter how hard he tried to climb to the top of olympus he would be forced back down to the depths of Medusa’s’ lair so he would only interact from time to time with Gabriel but he was always there looking out for him, whispers that only he could hear. Like all stories though this one has it’s end.

Zeus was locked in an epic battle with his curse and had to fight his own Titans, he finally was on the path to Olympus however, he found a woman who he loved, Hera. They were together for more than 10 years when the final battle started. It was one of epic proportions Zeus valiantly fought off an intruder into his domain and finally climbed to Olympus to rule in his rightful place, the curse was lifted.

He finally, FINALLY got what he deserved a good life for a good man. It was unfortunate however because mortals can’t visit Olympus so that would be the last time Gabriel would ever get to see Zeus. But on quiet nights, he can still hear him whispering how proud he is of Gabriel and how he never succum to the curse of the family no matter how many labors he was put through. He says he knows that Gabriel thought of him as a father and he would’ve been proud to reciprocate if he had been mortal.

That’s not what really happened, my Uncle, who suffered from lupus and back problems from his abusive childhood, shot himself when ‘Hera’s ex husband (a cop of all  things) refused to leave his home. He had been drinking and pulled out a gun, told him to leave and it went off accidentally. The cop played dead and my uncle barricaded himself in a room where he shot himself on Easter because he thought he was going to jail for killing a off duty police officer who wouldn’t leave his home. My ‘father’ broke the news gently to me, ‘Your uncle killed himself.’ he said deadpan. I thought he was joking at first since he just said it flatly, with no feeling.

My uncle will never know how much I truly need him and a lovely side effect from all the abuse is that I don’t remember much of my uncle honestly. But he was a good man who I feel with my whole being was there for me, even if I don’t remember him.

That is what actually happened. But it isn’t how I like to remember it. And sometimes when I lay in bed, in that place between awake and asleep I can see him, climbing to the top of Olympus and waving to me. He made it, he had to have, the world can’t be that cruel… right?

10 responses to “The death of a God: a (mostly) true story

  1. What an extraordinary and sad story…yet, rightly as you say, a story of triumph really, his and yours. Such an awful end for him, but he is treasured by you, and he clearly helped you to become the person you are, to survive. Fathers….yes, I am just dwelling on that too….and how they have made their way into us with their cruelty and their fears.

    • It really is a curse 😦 but I promised myself a long time ago that if my Uncle could do it so could I. I don’t ever want to hit someone… unless its consensual that is.

      • Yes, and masochism defends you against that sort of aggression – I am coming to the view that my masochism saved me….

    • It really did, he was my North star in the darkest of days and blackest of nights. If it wasn’t for him… well I would probably be in a prison or under some bridge getting high, if I was lucky.

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