My world

Time to head home...

Time to head home…

Yay! Second attempt at some poetry, who knew. I’ve been in an off mood since last night. Nothing anyone did, ironically enough it was something I did, or watched rather. But that is a post for another day.

When I write, I write, as in I type, proof read (sometimes I miss things… oops) and edit, read again, then repeat until I am done. There is no pen to paper action it’s full steam ahead and while that produces (I am sure) a lot of errors in my writing it is a style I much enjoy. The reason is the raw feeling I think I convey when I don’t have to over thing what I am saying. So this poem (like the last) well be written, as I think it, no real intermittent step.

So from me to you, welcome to my world.

My world is a place of magic, but you will never see it with your eyes
A place where dreams are made real, full of wonder and surprise
In my world fairies and happy thoughts can make you fly
You will never grow old
You will never die

In that place between asleep and awake you will see my face
Now take my hand and I will show you that place
My world is not what it seems
Because my world is the place of dreams

If home is truly, where the heart is then you should come home
To my world where you will be free to roam
We will fight pirates and swim with mermaids
We will have hours of adventures until the daylight fades

You will never grow old, you will never die
Here in my world you will be safe, you won’t ever cry
The lost boys are here we are all waiting for you
Because we know you’ve hurt we’ve all been there too

We look out for each other; we believe you through and through
We can save you from them, they can never get to you
I know why you cry and what they did, it was not right
But I’m here to save you this time, come with me this night

The grownups don’t listen, they all seem to have forgot
You know right from wrong, you don’t need to be taught
They call you a liar, and they don’t want to believe it’s true
They don’t want to think the world could do that, could do that to you

My world is magic take my hand and you will know
You can forget what happened to you, it won’t have to stay, it can go
I’ll save you just like the lost boys, you know, I saved them too
I saved them a long, long time ago and now I’m here to save you

We know what happened… you have no need to explain
We brought you can be safe, so you can forget your pain
You don’t need to worry and you don’t need to cry
You may have been raped, but what you don’t know is, so have I.

16 responses to “My world

    • Haha 🙂 Thank you, it WAS supposed to be happy but when I was done I had to include the reason why it took a sharp left somewhere in the middle. But, when it was finished, I couldn’t bear to change it… so I didn’t.

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