Loves promise – A poem

Mine is a life of fiction turned fact
You don’t see it but you can taste it
Music sing sweet silent lullabies
You feel the song but cannot hear it

They talk to you, whispers in the wind
Words that you can’t quite make out
You smile in their presence
They are for you, you feel it
And they make you happy

Is that the voice of a loved one
Or the rustle of the trees
You turn back to see, hoping
But your eyes, they lie

The magic is there
You can feel it
Just beyond reach
The hairs on your arms raise
But why? You cannot tell

The sweetest embrace you will never feel
Over before you ever knew it began
As you walk away from my grave
You wonder, do I ever think of you?

But that my love, is the cruelest reality
You think I’ve gone
To some place to forget you
But that is not true

You can’t see me
But you feel me
Right here, next to you

Don’t you remember?
I promised you and I have not lied
always would be, right by your side


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