Insomniac’s poem

Sleep? Nah I’m goooooood!!

I am told that because of the PTSD I will probably never get a regular nights sleep. It’s 4:00 AM here (update: okay never mind it is 5:00 AM right now.. lovely!)… and I am not asleep… Sure I could be angry. But you learn to live with it. Just like you learn to live with whatever obstacles life throws at you. Medical bills, school debt, spastic colon (these just examples people not me in particular, I don’t have a spastic colon… or do I?), blood sucking vampire zombie werewolf nazis (god I hate those things), you overcome and move on.

So hopefully I can channel the last little bit of brain energy that I have left into something creative, something to share with the rest of the world. I want to give back to my fellow man with a beautiful poem that will inspire and move generations to come. I want to change the world with this poem, so what better way to change the world via poem then using a short, simple haiku.

Now for those of you who are
A.) Rusty
B.) Overly American (we don’t get out much on this side of the pond)
C.) Older than 5 and don’t remember
D.) Have been awake over 26 hours now (yay)
You may be a little confused on what a haiku is and what it entails. A haiku (here in America anyway) follows this rule 5 syllable line, 7 syllable line, 5 syllable line scheme. Didn’t remember? Neither did I, thank you Google!  How do you count syllables? Well here at beaten we use the most advanced scientific methods to insure our haikus meet the standard! The clap method, ingenious I know!

Without further ado my haiku (no I didn’t rhyme that on purpose… see tired):

I cannot sleep now
Must write this crappy haiku
Done, now go crazy

Perfect, life altering I know. Tomorrow (well later today) will suck. It never is fun falling asleep in class and looking like that idiot who can’t stay awake for class. But comes with the territory I guess, part childhood, part adulthood all my problem. Well I think I am off to fucking bed… Now where did the back of my eyelids run off to… I just saw them a second ago. Anyway where was I… ah yes that made me feel better. I am so much happier now. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY

Ahh memories

Ahh memories

16 responses to “Insomniac’s poem

  1. PTSD gets a little better with time. Eventually, you go from not being able to sleep out of fear or anxiety to “running out of gas” and crashing; then you find out that you are alive and safe when you wake up after crashing enough times that it is ok to go to sleep. Good luck with sleep and school!

    • I hope so, of course with these things I think it’s a sliding scale. And on a scale of 1-10 (10 of course being really fucked up) I’m at about the holy fucking shit we need a new scale level.

      But I do look forward to the days where it won’t be a problem. New meds coming soon actually (just a few weeks… wait about a week now if I’m reading that right yay!!).

      In any case thank you for the comment 🙂 I really appreciate you taking time to reply like that.

    • HAHA!! Sorry I read that and it seemed like the sleep eventually was an afterthought. Thank you I love Ren and Stimpy too. I don’t even know what random brain synapse fired to get the Happy happy joy joy song stuck in my head but it worked out. And yes I got some sleep eventually, although not enough. But there is always next time, same bed time, same bed channel. lol

      • I get up at 7 am every morning so I have to get to bed at a decent time, Or I’m a basket case the next day.

        My hair conditioner is called Happy Happy Joy Joy…no joke 😛

        • That is just awesome 🙂 I wanted to make a log joke in there somewhere since that song was running through my head too. lol

  2. I’m compassionate to your PTSD, and very compassionate to insomnia. Not getting enough sleep can literally rock your world, and sadly not in a positive light. I truly wish you all the very best in your endeavors. As @Elene mentioned You are to hard on yourself, relax take a deep breath. I realize this is easier said then done….I definitely encourage you to try it, and even meditation to help clear your mind. It really does help with some great meditation music that is available on you tube. That’s what I personally do and I must say it really does help. Looking forward to your next posting. Anastasia

    • Thank you for the support and the suggestions 🙂 I don’t think I was being hard on myself per say but I can see how it might come across that way. I was just frustrated in general. But thank you

  3. I actually do have a spastic colon lol.

    Also, a total insomniac. It kills you doesn’t it, and I would get so tired I was then too tired to go to sleep, so I would just… well, awhile back I was sleeping only once every two days but at least I did sleep on the second day then.

    And I really hate those blood sucking vampire zombie werewolf nazis… just kidding… I like them really 🙂 I think.

    • I knew it! I could smell a blood sucking vampire zombie werewolf nazi lover a mile away! Or in this case several thousand miles away. 🙂

      Wow, so much for me picking random medical conditions without fear of outing people.. lol

        • And with that I dedicate a portion in my latest writing to you 🙂 lol if you read it you will know what I am talking about. But funny enough that wasn’t planned (obviously lol)

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