The True Devastation of Social Stigma

So beautifully written I had to share just so more people could read it.

Elene Sallinger

I stumbled across this picture the other day and it’s kind of haunted me ever since. I knew I wanted to share it, but it seemed like it needed more than just a quick tweet to go with it. This picture, in truth, makes me profoundly sad. I see it as the representation of the devastation wrought by social stigma. Stigmas which, in the drive to avoid social ostracism, led me to make decisions that were profoundly damaging and unhealthy for me personally. While social stigma is broad and varied, I am focusing primarily on sexual stigma.

For the entirety of my life, I’ve fought this pointless war of my urges versus societal expectation. When I say entirety, I’m not exaggerating. Only today did I come to a serious realization about myself. You see, I am endlessly fascinated by sex in all of its incarnations. Now, I write erotica for a living, so…

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