A poem interrupted


I’m painting the roses red
I’m holding on by a thread
The paintbrush in hand, this will be grand
So just watch as I paint the roses red

This story has a twist
The paint isn’t from the bucket
It’s dripping from the wrist

The paintbrush a knife
I’m about to end this life
I’m in a rush, so for now just hush
And watch as I paint the roses red

I’m painting the roses red
With my wrist that I just shred
With every drop, it just won’t stop
As I paint the roses red


The words stuck with every letter
You hurt me, but I can do it better
Gallons of splatters, not that it matters
I’m painting the roses red

The job is almost done
Painted one by one
It’s so pretty, but such a pity
I’m just painting the roses red


With every beat
I must admit defeat
I may be dead
But I painted the roses red

I don’t have much time
To finish this rhyme
I’m going to sleep
But please don’t weep
I’ve pain


22 responses to “A poem interrupted

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  2. I just so happen to come across your blog, you wrote this pretty well.
    Gotta admit that a few times in the distant path I had tried and thought about committing suicide by cutting my wrists so could relate immediately to the poem. You’ve captured many things very well in it. Thing is that was very long ago and now that I’ve gotten past it all, I’m glad I did as now I have two young boys and I’m a responsible dad. Life has changed for the better, even though I didn’t think it could back in my despair.
    So for all of you who come across this poem and are thinking of committing suicide just remember that you can always disappear and start a new life somewhere else on this Earth. There’s always a way out that’s better than ending your life.

    Pop on over to a church and ask for help, it doesn’t have to be from a church that knows you. There are always people out there willing to help you out of your situation.
    God bless you all. Your life is what you make it.

    • Thank you for that, it really means a lot that you would comment, especially from your own experience. I really appreciate it, so thank you, truely.

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