Still the raindrops fall

“I’ve always hated the rain” I think

Still the raindrops fall

It is coming down now. However, I am just going to ignore it. Keep moving; that is for the best.  I can feel each drop hitting my back as I stand in line.

“It shouldn’t be much longer now.” I tell myself

Still the raindrops fall

I remain stoic in all of this, despite how uncomfortable it makes me feel I figure ignoring it is better than making a scene. After all what is a little rain, I am not a kid anymore this is middle school after all. Teenaged years, so I need to put my best face forward if I do not want to stand out.

Still the raindrops fall.

The children around are circling now. Some are laughing, others just pointing. There are a few, who make some comments but I just ignore it. It’s better than giving in which is probably what they want anyway.

Still the raindrops fall.

“Eww, that one is colored” One of the kids say

I feel a sick chill down my spine after hearing that. Finally, I make it to the front of the line, not much longer now until it is over. So, I just ignore it.

Still the raindrops fall.

I get to the window, order my lunch and sit. I finish quickly and run to the bathroom.

I remove my shirt and try to clean it, the spit the other children had left on the back had left distinct marks on it that I didn’t feel like finishing the second half of school with. I shudder when I find the few that actually had yellow hues on my new to me, hand me down, dingy black shirt with Marvin the Martian on the front, one of my favorites.

After washing it some, I lock myself into a stall, shirtless I paper towel dry it as best as I can. This is my life; I am told it gets better. I survived, but like the slightly overweight, abandoned, forgotten child I am, I sit here and cry.

It was over…

Still the raindrops fall.

teddy bear

9 responses to “Still the raindrops fall

  1. My heart aches for you. Remember, the past is gone and we leave the monsters behind. Your scars show you won. You survived. Love and peace.

  2. i never understood how people/kids could be so mean 😦 it’s so unwarranted. im sorry this happened to you. you seemed to have handled it so well and that says a lot about you.

    • Thank you, I try. I’ve always kept a level head especially growing up, I sort of had to.

    • 😦 yeah it’s okay though. I made it. The sad part is that was probably one of the better experiences in middle school.

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