It’s going to be a good day
Nothing can be wrong
When you don’t let it get in the way
Chin up and head held high
No need to feel bad, no need to cry

Time to get dressed
Time to make breakfast
Time to go to school
Time to smile

The kids point and laugh
Why are you wearing the same clothes?
They say things like you’re so fat
The school is a warzone and you’re not ready to fight
Just smile
Nothing can be wrong
If you don’t let it bother you
Just smile

Bloody and beaten, it’s hard to tell
If I’m on the ground or just standing sideways
I need to smile
Belt, frying pan, iron, flyswatter, cane
It all feels the same
I need to smile
Is that my blood?
Pooling underneath me, it’s not stopping
I guess it is
I need to smile

Just dig the knife in a little deeper
One more cut is what I need
Anything to dull the pain
I can’t do it any more
It’s just too much
I could just cry
Instead, I smile

14 responses to “Smile

    • Sorry to hear that 😦 Feel free to drop me a line if you want to talk. I know your life is pretty crazy too.

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