I’m thinking I should give a little explanation. Since Erica used photos of us I thought I would do this. It’s the wedding ring of a Marine who passed away on my watch so to speak. His wife threw it at me at his funeral, I wasn’t mad though everyone needs someone to blame. I was an easy target and I accepted that so I don’t hate her for it or anything. I keep it to remind me of not just that day, not just of him, but because your choices will affect everyone around you. This ring is more than a companion, it’s a warning label.

19 responses to “Companionable

  1. jesus…i can not imagine the pain she must have been in…but you were NOT responsible…even if you were in command or failed to do something. you are not God. i feel like you have to shoulder so much sometimes and it makes me feel protective of you.

  2. A very powerful reminder of the devastation of war for which, as the comment above states, you cannot be responsible. Regardless of the circumstances you would have been her target for simply having been there. You are an Angel for taking on the hurt, but you need not take on responsibility.

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  4. gabriel alexander you are not a God. you are a man, with only the powers of a mortal.

    Life’s story was written long before you were born and it will go on long after. you have no control over destiny.

    I understand her words hurt, cut like a knife, to the bone and beyond.

    Memories love………they are what make those that have gone before U/us still live.

    your friend is with you in those memories. he is your angel on your shoulder……..on hers…….every step, every day.

    I love you……..

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  6. like any good military man, like a true leader, your shouldered the pain of a widow so that she could mourn and heal. That is admirable. What one needs now, is to find ones own way to let go. I wish you strength

  7. i don’t think i can improve on anything said here or even really add to it so i’ll just say… ditto. i really hope you don’t always carry that burden for it’s really not yours to have to carry.

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