Peace at last

‘The crash of the ocean waves always brought me calm’ he thinks

Harking back to days past when he was just a boy. Innocent, maybe, maybe not, but the water washed away all evil until the only thing that was left was foam. The slosh the sand made, the feel between the toes, the dry grit, which would never seem to come off no matter how much you rinsed… until you got into the car that is. This was home, watching the sun move from one side of the sky to the other, this was peace.

‘I’ll love you forever’ she said
‘I’ll always love you too’ was his reply

Of course, the voices in his head had other plans. Nevertheless, he made it work as best as he could. The flowers randomly, Chocolate, all to tell her thank you, thank you for loving someone who could not possibly be loved. Even when he was at his worst, she told him that she loved him. Even when the voice said, she was lying.

Still, she loved him

Now the water crashing around brings him peace once more like the days of yesteryear. He feels free for the first time in his life. This was no easy task of course; there were plenty of struggles. She was always there to keep him afloat through it all, the one constant in an ever-shifting landscape known as his life.

Once more, he feels the sand between his toes, reminding him of his honeymoon on the beach. The sparkle in her eye, watching the sun set over the water. The kiss, that kiss…

‘She makes me melt like no one else’ he thought

A smile crosses his face

She always makes him smile though, in fact he smiled so much that when he would stop, and just be himself, she would worry he was not happy.

But, he was

Now she is walking towards him, a vision of beauty unsurpassed. She would never believe him but he would still tell her.

‘Memories’ he thinks

They join hands and walk off together for the first time in months, ever since she was struck and killed by that drunk driver; things have never been the same.

‘I knew you would come back to me’ He thinks
‘I love you’ he says

As he releases his last breath of air, the one he held on to after he jumped off that bridge and into the water.

She smiles ‘ I love you too, time to go home’

He loved her

She loved him

Peace at last

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