Mind the Gap


That hurt me, that hurt me more than I can explain. I hate, hate, text speak or worse text speak in real life LOL, seriously? You can’t just laugh you need to say LOL and not just L.. O.. L but LAUL. But I digress, the topic is really about how the internet is ruining our something or other…. focus that’s right. Focus, now focus is… well important so lets try to remain on topic we wouldn’t want to be out of focus now.

Not the right kind of focus? Damn it… let’s try this again.

Wikipedia says this: Focus (cognitive process), selectively concentrating on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things

Why did I use wikipedia (which apparently I can’t spell right to save my blog) to define focus? Well because that is what the internet is for these days. One of many reasons that are mashed in with other useless tools, twitter, facebook, instagram, all ways for people to feel like they are more important than they really are. This in my [not so humble] opinion is making the connection between us as individuals and the people around us less… well real.

Look at the rise of online bullying.  Sexisam, rape threats, death threats, all very real going from website to website. The fact that I am typing these words on a screen instead of saying them to you, my readers is just one more barrier for you and I to forget that we are people. It makes it easy for me to call you names, to put you down.

‘You should kill yourself’

In old times, you were accountable for your actions, if Mr. Smith thought you were ye ol douche then you got the boot from the group and had to make new friends. Now behind a veil of anonymity you can be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, nice in person; in private… not so much. Now we can have thousands of ‘friends’ thanks to Facebook. People I’ve never met or even know try to send me ‘friend’ requests.

I don’t know you… why would we be friends?
I wish it was easy to place blame with this type of behavior.
‘Oh golly gee, those silly kids! Someone should have a talk with their parents.’

No, adults get in on this too. People who should know better, victims of bullying themselves even will look for low hanging internet fruit to make themselves feel better or more important than they really are. Not too long ago I fucking love science [a facebook page I avidly follow for my science and funny news updates since I am too lazy busy to look up the stuff myself] had it’s own internet debacle. Not just because of the name but because the site is run by Elise Andrew  [a woman…] so cue the sexist BS and for weeks she was the talk of the internet. You can read more about that whole issue on one of many, many, many websites but this is a good one from my skimming.

When the internet was first made, back when people had… intelligence hope. The internet was going to be the ultimate library, the whole of human intelligence would be at our fingertips. We would have answers to everything we wanted to know when we wanted to know it. This was going to be the single most important advancement of human existence! So what the hell happened?

Angry birds.

No, not really. People are wired to want to be important, to seek power and abuse that power. Maybe not even intentionally. There are no safeguards against human nature, so overreaching is going to happen and when you overreach you do so into someone elses boundaries. The internet gives people the ability to overreach into your life and KNOW what you are doing and when you are doing it. People have been robbed because of the internet.

‘Going on vacation for a week, make sure the doors are locked Te he he!’

Boundaries are important, even online. I think that because of the aggressive overreaching and sharing of personal data thanks to services like facebook, google, yahoo and technologies like cell phones, geo tagging, etc. are making it more and more simple to be a voyeur into other peoples lives. Even places like wordpress for example make it easy for you to find out what or how I am feeling. Maybe even more so than my friends or family.

So in summation, yes, you are creepy.
But I am allowing it by using the service, so what does that say about me?

11 responses to “Mind the Gap

    • No, I’m not THAT creepy… just a touch. You know like a nice throw pillow or something, it’s classy.

  1. Ok for one, I can’t believe you used wikipedia…websters.com is much more reliable. Two, I AM IMPORTANT bitch. >.> (that’s a symbol for me looking to the side. In case you didn’t know.) =P (that’s me sticking my tongue out at you in playfulness to show I am being sarcastic) but really, I am important. My existence on the internet is well documented, therefore I am.

    • Yeah, I should’ve known better 😦 I just like using wikipedia since, well I used to go door to door selling wikipedias, that was of course until I was informed the internet was for everyone…

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  6. Dear Gabriel,
    I have to admit…I’m definitely a Voyeur but not in the sense of Facebook, or any other social media. giggle giggle.
    I’m curious what are lives are going to be like 3 years from now? Will the majority of employment be obsolete to humans because a computer can complete the task at hand? Don’t get me wrong I think technology has made awesome strides from their birth in the 80’s. Oh please don’t get me started on speech to text, there are times when I just want to throw the phone in a pit of fire.
    Your Friend,

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