Woah… what a rush!

So…. yeah. I guess I don’t need to say much. Same Gabriel, same(ish) blog. I just needed a change I guess. I’m still looking for my voice and I hope that this might help me find it. But I figured with all the Angel references everyone keeps making about my middle name (Gabriel) I would just run with it. So with that welcome to the new blog. This will be one year almost exactly šŸ™‚ I will make a post on the 1 year mark of me blogging to sort of recap where I was, where I am, and more importantly where I am going! Thanks for the support everyone, you guys rock! Honestly though it’s about 2am here and I’m stuck feeling like I’m not real. The fiance is asleep or I would just talk it out with her as usual but she was tired so I’ll probably feel better in the morning when I can just get a hug from her. Until then it will pass I’m sure, it always does, but heck might as well share with my reader(s).

4 responses to “Woah… what a rush!

  1. Going on your angel theme…Gabriel is the angel that blows the shofar (ram’s horn)…the trumpet. Gabriel sounds the alarm. I really believe names have meaning and it’s not always an accident how we’re named. You do a beautiful job of “sounding the alarm.” People need to hear truth, even if it’s ugly and evil. I worked Probation outside Chicago. Most people will never hear about people like you. They have to hear because in the presence of light no darkness can exist.

  2. My Dear Friend Gabriel,
    Congratulation on your Achievement. Please find this reply belated as I was out of town for 3 weeks. That’s a story onto itself. I’m so delighted for you. Please know that I’m here following you every step of the way : ) I Love Your New Theme.
    Your Friend,

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