Cat trouble?


My cats seem to be acting weird; I don’t know maybe it’s just me. They have been here about a week now, maybe longer the days kind of blend together now. I have not slept; they won’t allow it. Its part of their plot to get rid of me, it all started the day they moved in.

It was a quiet evening; the cats were winding down from the move. Two hours in a car is bound to make anyone cranky. We settled into bed and it started… first with the meowing. Then the head nudging, it was cute at first but then the claws came out. The next morning I realized I had been drained of at least a pint of blood and found this on the walls…

Then weird things started to happen [okay well aside from bloody words on a wall] things were going missing. People would come over to visit and just vanish. At first, I thought it was in my head. Then I saw it, the look of a murderer in the cats’ eyes.

Strange markings began to appear on my body, bruising around the throat area. The taste of cat hair in my mouth, I don’t know what to do anymore. I’m scared that something may be wrong with the cats, maybe I should take them to the vet or change their food. Or it could just be the move, I don’t know. It just seems to me that the cats are plotting something.

My fiancé is not worried at all about their behavior, she tells me that it is normal for cats to act like that so I guess I shouldn’t stress so much. I just can’t help but get the feeling that they are all watching me, even when I sleep I feel the cat on my head or pushing at me with its nose to my back.

They are her cats and I’ve never really had a pet cat before. I just wanted to get my readers opinions on what might be going on. I think maybe they araslkdfj;flska[pi43ltrengfkluasorpwie4kjr5444






Cats good LOVE CATS everyone should have cats. The cats are okay. No problems with cats here.

6 responses to “Cat trouble?

  1. Easy solution to this dilemma my friend. Close the door, no cats allowed in the bedroom. Sleep is more important. Cats are evil, furry, plotting things.

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