Factory Part-1

I find myself awake in a dark room and no memories to the events prior that lead up to my awakening.

‘I’m alive’ is my first thought
‘Fuck’ is the next

Looking around I see a single rusted grey solid steel door. Rivets were used to make thing, it is a huge door; barely hanging on to the hinges as it were, this is apparent even with it fully closed. It has no doorknob, not in a traditional sense; it has a deadbolt and a long pipe that covers the length of the door on one side, which serves for a handle from which to open it.

The floor is metal, I am still not sure exactly where I am but if I had to take a stab at it, I would say a factory of some sort. There are noises, I cannot place them, it is the sound of some large machine maybe, or maybe a motor of some sort. There are paint shavings on the floor; this place has not been in use for some time. I am actually surprised at this point it is still standing or that the floor can even support my weight.

I throw the deadbolt; it slides surprisingly easy for such an old building. Then I open the door.

It will not budge.
I put my weight into it this time.
Still, nothing

My eyes search the room, maybe I missed something, and maybe there is another way out. No windows, no real light other than a single bulb dangling from a line, the metal case used to protect it is old and dented. I see no way out besides the door, which at this point does not seem to be an option.

Just as all hope seems lost, I catch it out the corner of my eye.

I cannot believe I didn’t see it, but with the paint shavings and the dim lighting I guess it shouldn’t be too much of a shock. I walk over to the corner of the room and pick it up.

A metal bar

Hopefully, just what I need to help get the door open. Wedging the bar into the welded pipe handle on the door
I pull, again, and again.
I pull as hard as I can.


The door opens and I see a similarly decorated hallway to the room I was just in, instead of a room however, there are several doors lining this hallway. No turns, just a hallway that goes on seemingly forever, I look down the other way, the same. Nothing but doors; they aren’t even numbered.

‘Hello?!’ I scream
The only sound I hear in reply is my echo.
‘Great’ I say

This cannot be good; I am gripped with terror as I walk down the hall. It all looks the same, nothing to tell me if I am headed in the right direction or if I am just going to get myself even more lost in this place and I do not even have any idea how I got here.

There are no windows; I cannot tell if it is day or night, if I am above ground or below. I continue walking down the hall nonetheless. I walk for what feels like hours but it just keeps going, I am too afraid to try any of the doors, what could be hiding behind any one of them I did not want to find out.

I keep glancing about; there is nothing. Just the swinging lights above each dangling from a single cable with the same solid metal cap and metal grate bottom that was in the room I found myself. The pale yellow light on the dark pealing rusted paint gives an even sicker feel to the building. It had to be old, abandoned even but I could still hear the churning in the distance of some ominous machine.

‘What is this place’ I think as I walk
I do not get much time for thoughts before I hear it…

To be continued…

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