Factory Part-2

You can read the first part here: Factory Part-1 

That sound… screech of metal on metal

I turn to look behind me

Nothing there

My heart is now racing up my throat, I’m not quite sure what scared me more, the noise itself or the fact that I didn’t know what caused the noise. However, I do not stop to think about it too long.

Before I know it, I am in a full run.

The sweat is dripping down my clothing, it is humid; steam rises from the metal non-slip grates on the floor. Thankfully, I am wearing shoes or the teeth on the grates would make it impossible to walk on. I look back again

Still nothing

I stop running to catch my breath

‘I’m not as in shape as I used to be’ I think, since I am too winded to even talk to myself at this point

The air is so humid that the water collects on the walls and ceiling, this would explain the paint peeling and the rust. However, not the noise that I hear once again, I turn to look for the cause.

Again, I am not all too shocked to find nothing behind me.

I continue walking this time, I figure running won’t do much good here… wherever here is. I glance down the hall again.

Doors, just doors

It does me no good. I quickly get over my phobia of the water on the walls and put my ear to a door to see if I can hear anything. Maybe I am not the only one here… maybe there are others.

I feel the cold water on my ear, the paint sharp prickles it, but I strain to hear anything over the dull machine noise that echoes in the halls.

I wait… nothing.
I tap on the door… nothing.

‘On to the next one’ I think
I try two more doors, nothing,  then a third.


Essentially, I am alone here.
Except… that I’m not…

I hear it again, the screech, metal on metal. It’s painful, like nails on a chalk board. It’s getting closer, I don’t see what is making it, I look around to check for movement but there is none. It’s coming from nowhere but it’s getting closer…

Then I see it, under the grates below my feet…

The eyes

The glow of the eyes, cold and piercing, that is what I catch first, then the light reflecting off the teeth. Now, I am a fairly big guy but this thing is huge. I can’t tell exactly if it is a person, but I don’t wait to find out.

I run

I run until I am out of breath, then I keep running, I run until the battery acid greets my veins brought to me from my muscles yelling at me. The sweat falls down from every pore. My lungs feel like I am breathing fire that every cell in my body, every last one, are all screaming ‘STOP!

But I don’t

‘I need a way out of here’ I scream hopelessly
The only noises I hear back are the quite churn of that machine and the gurgle of whatever is chasing me. There is nowhere to run

But I keep going

I look back to see a hand reach up through the grates, he is catching up to me. What is worse, I watch the grates I was running on fly past me as if a truck hit them, I turn and I see him climb out from below.


He is coming

Massive, if I had to pick one word it would be massive. Frankenstein’s monster meets the incredible hulk. The cold dead color of his skin is apparent even in the poor lighting; the nails on his hands are thick, cracked and chipped. He does not have any clothing and even from a distance I can tell that he towers over me.

‘There is no way I could fight this thing’ I think

I almost trip over myself in the process of watching him and running. I turn and sprint as fast as I can.
As I run, something different catches my eye

A set of buttons on the wall
‘It’s an elevator!’ I scream

I quickly stop, push the button, and watch as this… thing is coming right at me.

He gets closer…


To be continued…

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