Not so smart, smart phone use

Have you ever seen people using cell phones at inappropriate times or for things that would make the average person cringe? I know I have and I figured I would give a rundown of some of the more odd uses/times that a cell phone is used.

A mirror
Sure it’s only hundreds of dollars of technology in your hand, it’s the pinnacle of human achievement and you are going to use it as a mirror. Not even the camera, nooooo you’re just going to use the screen. Wouldn’t it be easier to just carry a pocket mirror?

A flashlight
Now, that isn’t all that bad, I’ll be honest, I mean a flashlight is important and a cellphone is, well glowy. It’s amazing how a screen that fits in your palm can be used for anything. But is that really the best use for your phone?

UGH! I just stepped on that!?!?

A paperweight
Now I am sure everyone is a little guilty of this one, hey it is somewhat heavy, the wind won’t blow it away, why not.

You can even use your other cell phone for multiple stacks of papers! You do have more than one… right?

A weapon
How many people have you seen throw their phone to protect themselves?

That plant was coming right for him…

A boombox
With the advent of headphones you would think that the 80’s and early 90’s fad of huge boomboxes went out of style. Well I’m happy to report that thanks to cellphones you can now listen to horrible music that you don’t even like.

While in the bathroom
Now I know that your important call cannot wait. But while you are emptying your bowels you should probably focus. Bonus points if you can’t walk and talk on the phone, but still think you can wipe and talk…

Got to admire the dedication!

Texting while driving
This SHOULD be a no brainer. But everyone needs to keep their facebook status up to date…

Driving te he he!!

While having sex
This shouldn’t even… I don’t even know how this is possible. What the hell?!?! But yes there was a study done that suggests that 10% of people under 25 have used their cell phone while having sex. I’m very, very confused so yeah… wow.

Gives a whole new meaning to sexting

The interesting part is that cell phones are amazing pieces of technology. You have the whole of human intelligence at the tips of your fingers. You can do almost anything with a cell phone.

Well except make phone calls of course.

No one uses a cell phone for phone calls anymore. I’m not even sure if you can make a phone call with a cell phone these days…

6 responses to “Not so smart, smart phone use

  1. Idk, man. When I’m getting busy I’m not worried about Facebook. I’m concentrating on my partner and making sure she’s enjoying herself. To each their own, I guess…

  2. I admit that I’ve used my phone as a mirror. I have a flashlight app and it comes in very handy. Boo to texting while driving, sitting on the throne, or having sex.

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