Alive, well and back from hell

Ahh the majestic VA Hospital so beautiful, so … majestic! No, not really. It has become quite a common place to down the care at the VA hospital; while from my most recent stay I can safely say the care has not gotten any better [nor has the food… bleh].

I wanted to let all of my readers know that I am alive and well now after getting discharged from the ER after an overnight stay and then back in the ER less than 6 hours after my first discharge [woo, just couldn’t get enough]. Then I was discharged just yesterday after a two night stay and a ton of IV antibiotics for an infection, a dental appointment that was needed because despite my best efforts to keep the cut in my gums from getting infected, it did… oops.  But it really gave me time to think about a lot of things.

Unfortunately there is a lot of paper pushing at the VA, there has to be.

Accountability, accountability, accountability.

The wheels need to turn and the more complex the system is the longer it takes for it to produce anything. The VA is a very huge system, with a LOT of checks to make sure it is doing things right. Despite the nurse’s desk reaction to a question I had at 0800 ‘Oh you had a dental appointment at 0815? Sorry we don’t usually get you for appointments made outside your hospital visit’ To which I replied  ‘It is the whole reason I was there!!’

So why does the VA provide sub par health care to vets? I’m sure everyone sees the news and the horrors of VA hospitals.

Well two reasons, the first is there are a whole lot of people, aging vets, young guys like me [I was the youngest guy around the entire stay… awkward!] that need care. That’s a lot of people.

The second is defence spending.

Yep, defence spending.

Had to pay for that health care somehow right guys? I bet a lot of people don’t realize that defence spending pays for taking care of the guys that defend the country then come home and need to be taken care of.

It doesn’t sound so sexy when you say it like that right?

No, but the truth of the matter is that what the VA gets to take care of me, my friends, and other vets past, present and future is determined by the defense budget. So when people think we should cut defense spending, well it makes me a little sad because it means that qualified Doc’s, Nurses, Etc. will be replaced with guys like the one who didn’t want to see me so I was discharged, only to end up back in the ER same day [105 temp again, thanks!]

So yeah, war is ugly, national debt is high, but I can’t work, as in literally can’t work right now [not that I am not trying my hardest to get a degree so that I can hopefully find a job that I can do with my disabilities]. So if it wasn’t for the shitty care I got at the VA, the support from my fiance, and the defence budget I would’ve just died, or ended up with a 15k+ medical bill or something crazy.

[1 MRI, 2 different sets of X-rays, 2 ER visits, 4 blood cultures and blood work, IV antibiotics, Dental consultation, Dental work, oral antibiotics, 3 overnights in the hospital] Total cost to me $0.

Yep, so I can’t really complain too much about my care, I mean it beats death. But if you guys really care about getting vets better care, which I am all for, then remember defense spending is your friend, not the bad guy.

9 responses to “Alive, well and back from hell

  1. Reblogged this on iClinicRN and commented:
    As a friend of many Vets, mostly women, I have a heart for this young mans story. So in an effort to bring more awareness about how our great heroes are treated after their time in the service I had to re-blog this so my fans@ followers can get an update and chime in if they feel so compelled. . Follow his blog he covers all things Veteran. Great Post and good luck.

  2. Nice post, a lot of people don’t realize who really pays for cuts in the defense budget. Hopefully, our next President will give a crap.

    • Yeah people hear defense spending and they think tanks and M4’s or the new hot button word, drones. They don’t realize it also takes care of the guys at home too so defense spending is very important to my way of life.

  3. Dearest Gabriel,
    I know this reply is belated. I was saddened to hear you were ill. I’m delighted that you’re home and feeling better. I only clicked the “like” button for statistical purposes.
    Your Friend,

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