A year of Gabriel

I guess time flies! Today is my one year with wordpress *please hold your applause till the end* it’s been a wild ride. I mean I don’t even know where to begin so let’s just take a trip down memory lane so you guys can see where I was and where I am now.

As embarrassing as this is I am pulling out my very first post  hello world, which I think was the stock name for it. But it was just a bit about me and shaped the voice of my blog despite the odd ways I tried to take it.

I’ve been in desperate search of my mother with Shadows and missed opportunities and unfortunately I am still in desperate search of her, my writing gravitates that way a lot even today.

I lost my best friend… Sam and I still miss her to this day although I get why we don’t talk anymore and  it’s for the best. Still I miss her…

I took a stab at describing my family dynamic as a kid here Superman, Freddy Krueger and the Mariachi

I even wrote a little fan fiction based on my uncles situation The death of a god a [mostly] true story

My first attempt at depressing poetry, I was really proud of it but you can find that titbit here! The surgeons warning

Of course it isn’t all sad I wrote a short story that was good for some laughs Erotic undertones  which is a touch on the racy side *wink*

I finally got to tell the world, each and every one of you that I love you here, To whom it may concern

Yet another funny little rant from my nights back when I wouldn’t sleep… ever Ramblings from the sleep deprived

I wrote my first piece for another blog thanks to LeClown and Black Box Warnings which was entitled Warning:Unloveable  which was brought on thanks to Loony and her post, which brings my to my next point…

That same day I got to meet a woman who would totally change my life and am currently engaged to Loony [Erica] who has had such a remarkably similar life if it wasn’t for the fact that we have our blogs to show that we aren’t lying you would think one of us was making it up. Thoughts about a lunatic was after our first meeting. The odd circumstances surrounding our finding each other at all, our meeting and everything else that happened is enough to just boggle the mind. A million things had to happen just right for us to even find each other via blog. Fun fact, she started hers 10 days before me. What are the odds?

I don’t know what this has to do with anything but it’s an edible gummy worm so I’m using it.

We fell in love pretty much instantly and The forgotten puzzle talks about that

I of all people was freshly pressed!!! A somber remembrance was just a little bit from my heart on veterans day and it ended up winning over some people I guess. Thank you guys for that and to any service members out there thank you.

In June I got more people to look/read my blog in that month alone than I had the entire life of my blog. I was very proud of myself for that one! I continued to write from my heart and I wrote more about the woman I love and adore The girl with the dark rimmed glasses

I opened up about something very dark, thanks to the help of Erica and a [once again] shared past… My time in prison- a VERY true story  Fair warning it’s not for the faint of heart.

Started a new joint blog with my love, she and I thought it would be fun to write about our lives together so we made one. And my announcement for it was here OMG new blog AND 300 followers

I wrote about how love, real love knows no bounds in a short story called Peace at last

I changed my blog around to the configuration you see now (yay!!) and I wrote about the first time Erica and I finally met!! The beginning 

Ian, a good, good childhood friend. I wrote about him and the troubles I had growing up here Home with the homeless

Since my carbon copy Erica had to visit the ER I guess it was only a matter of time before I had to too, On the inside – Gabriel edition talks all about that one

I recently had my second writing for another blog with the one and only Twin Daddy and Stuph blog called The Missing Males 

So yeah all in all it’s been a crazy year, life has pretty much turned itself on it’s head for me. I don’t really know what the future has in store for me, but I have Erica and really for me that is all that matters at the moment. I am happy, in love and have a woman by my side who knows EXACTLY what I am thinking and have been through. It’s nice to have someone that can support you that way.

Of course I really REALLY need to thank each and every one of you. My readers, for your continued support and love. I don’t honestly think I would be where I am if it wasn’t for each and every one of you. There are just too many people to name by name so I’m sorry but I really just have to say


11 responses to “A year of Gabriel

  1. Congrats on a year. I always use the lyric…”What a long strange trip it’s been”…whenever I look back on my life. If you can do it with some humor then you’re succeeding. I take it that’s why you threw in the gummy worm pic? Every once in while you’ve got to stop and smell the…nah…eat the worm!

  2. Dear Gabriel,
    I know ths is belated…Congratulations My Friend. I’m delighted that you are Happy, and Very much in Love. I Wish You & Erica Much Happiness and Love.
    Your Friend,

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