As a child anything is possible, wishes could come true. If you wished hard enough you could have what you wanted, after all, Disney said so. I did what any child would do, I looked up at the stars outside of my window, every night and I wished.

I wish I had my mom.

Every night I made that wish.

Every day I had nothing to show for it.

Until one day…

Justin was a friend; I would venture to say my best friend. So of course, as best friends we did a lot of things together, well more like everything. We took a lot of the same classes, played the same games, went to Anime Expo together 3 years in a row, how could I ever forget that…

Justin was like a brother to me really, he was closer to me than my family, holidays were spent at his house not my fathers. That is where the story would have ended had it not been for Carla.


How do I talk about Carla, if there was an honest to god angel in the world it would be Carla. She was one of the most [see: the most] positive adult female figures in my life. If it hadn’t been for her, knowing it or not, my life would’ve ended up worse than it actually did.

Carla saved me without knowing it, truly. But like I was taught I didn’t go around as often as I could have, or probably thanked her enough for what she had done for me, which, to this day I doubt she knows. She was a lifesaver, quite literally. Her influence kept me from making some very bad choices in my life that I probably would not be around today to talk about had it not been for her. However, I was damaged goods.

So I did what I knew, pulled away, kept my distance. I just did not want to be a burden, which, if she knew she would probably laugh at me for thinking that. Carla and Justin both took me in and gave me a glimpse of a real home, a real family, and I was lucky enough to have gotten to be a part of that.

It was a far too brief experience for me and I did not quite appreciate the gravity of it at the time, of course hindsight is 20/20. So because of Carla, this is where the story ends, or really just beings…

Nevertheless, the moral of this particular tale for me anyway is this. Sometimes when you wish hard enough you may not get exactly what you wanted, but sometimes, if you are lucky, and the stars align just right, you get what you needed.

I needed a family; Carla and Justin were both there for me.

So while neither of them will probably ever see this I just needed to say

Thank you

2 responses to “Carla

    • She is coming to the wedding 🙂 She is my family, so yep I’m excited to see her again it’s been 10 years or so since I’ve seen her in person.

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