A false start


There once was a boy who dreamed of becoming a man.

Every night before bed he would think of all the adventures he would have, the places he would go and the lives he would save. After all, all the storybooks told him that to be a man you have to save people.

As he grew older he worked hard in school, didn’t take interest in toys or games. He had more important things to worry about. He didn’t want to be bothered with those childish things.

‘I’m far too old to play with that’ he said when he was offered a turn with the toy truck.

As the boy grew older, he might have been getting bigger but his dreams, they were getting smaller.

It happened gradually at first, so gradually he never noticed.

Until one day he thought back to being a child and all the dreams he had and the things he would do as an adult.

Soon he would daydream of being a child, all the adventures he would have gone on, the people he could’ve saved. Now however, he was stuck behind a desk doing paperwork, with hardly any time to daydream about, well anything.

He did not have time to travel, or go on adventures, being an adult he found out was quite a lot of work! So, he worked, it was all he could do. No more adventures, no more playing. He realized that his only goal was to grow up and he never thought about the how or why.

Thinking back to the child he was and the curiosity he had he wondered where it went?

‘Why am I so scared to do what I wanted to do?’ he thought
‘I don’t understand, I’m an adult now, why don’t I travel like I want?’

Realizing that he had put off his dreams because they were childish in favor of what he thought an adult should be he started to cry. He rejected being a child when he was simply a child to now only realize he needed that child inside to help push him to go on adventures and to do the not quite adult, adult things.

So he cried, alone at his desk for what seemed like an eternity.

But then the little boy woke up.

‘Just a bad dream’ he thought

And it was, just a bad dream. The next day however, when he was asked if he wanted a turn with the toy truck. He jumped at the idea.

‘You’re never too old to play with toys’ he said proudly

See, even bad dreams can help guide you in life.

And eventually the little boy grew up; he was an adult. But really, he was still a little boy just a little bigger, and because of this he got to go on all sorts of adventures, even if they weren’t very adult.

What are your thoughts?

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