Weekly writing challenge: One thousand words

As a child I never thought this would be so hard to talk about. I’ll never forget that day by the cheap, beaten carousel it had seen better days, so had I.

‘Mommy and Daddy will be right back’ She told me
‘Okay Mommy’ I said with a smile

I saw the other kids playing in the distance and it frightened me. I had no idea where we were, or what was going on. This place was all new to me.

Curiosity got the best of me and I went over to where they were. Even then it was difficult, I didn’t understand the games they played or how to play them, so I just stood and watched.

Eventually an adult came over.

‘You must be the new girl’
‘It’s great to meet you!’ she said with a smile

I remained silent. I was afraid; adjusting to this new place was difficult. But the lady just looked at me and continued to smile knowingly. She took me by the hand then gave me a tour. It was a lot nicer than the carousel had made it seem. The inside had a beautiful table that was so long it could seat all the kids in the day care. I was amazed how big the home was and all the things to play with.

‘What would you like to eat for lunch?’ she asked me

After she explained the choices, I said my first and only words of the day ‘Chicken noodle please’

She smiled and said ‘Good choice’

The day went on and I tried my best to make friends. It wasn’t easy, but I did manage to get one or two kids to play with me. They had balls, slides, and all sorts of things to play with at the daycare.

Lunch was especially fun because we all sat and ate together. Something I never got to do at home since Daddy was always working.

I played more with some of the kids, but really mostly just by myself. As the day went on I wondered off to the carousel alone, sat, and just watched the other kids play some more. Then I let my mind drift to the other places we had lived.

Mom told me that our home, the original one, wasn’t safe for us, so we moved. Then Dad got a new job so he could take better care of me and Mom so we had to move even more, it seemed like I was always the new kid in a new place. That was probably because this was our fourth move just this year.

I was so lost in thought that I didn’t see my Mom take the photo. She came over gave me a huge hug and we left.

‘How was today?’ She asked as we got in the car
‘Hard’ I said

‘Why is that?’
‘It was scary, I didn’t say anything all day.’

‘Why not love?’ She said
‘Because I couldn’t speak their language.’

‘You’ll get it soon enough’ She said as she smiled ‘It’s hard my darling daughter but it is for the best’

Mom was right, moving was always hard, but thankfully this would be the last one.

After some time I even finally picked up english! It was such an confusing language, it took what felt like forever. But when I did, I had an easier time making friends. Dad was even around more after he got settled into work so we all welcomed the new move.

Nevertheless, I’ll never forget the first day; not understanding anyone. Except the adult who asked me what I wanted for lunch.

They say a photo is worth one thousand words, but understanding those words, well… that is the trick now isn’t it?

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