The Standard Hotel, Miley Cyrus, Feminism and Violence

Well, Twindaddy [of course] beat me to it with this post. However, I thought I would throw in my own 2 cents to the pot since everyone has an opinion it seems. Make me a sammich posted this post along with a very interesting image advertizing a hotel chain apparently.

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Do not ask me what a woman whom appears to be unconscious with presumably; her luggage on top of her has to do with staying at a hotel. Nevertheless, for some reason the marketing genius’s that work for the standard [the hotel in question] decided it was a good way to advertise staying at their hotel.

The funny thing is it worked. All the uproar about the image was a much better way to advertise than the image itself. Now, if it gets people to actually stay, well that is the question but I think the more interesting thing at hand was it offended people because it depicted violence against women.

Maybe I’m dense but I do not see it exactly like that.

Sure, the subtext is there but it could’ve easily been a picture where she had fallen down the stairs. Should’ve checked that luggage at our hotel!

Alternatively, it could be a cautionary tale of why wearing heels while carrying something that heavy by yourself is a bad idea, again our hotel will take care of that.

Don’t get me wrong if you read my blog you know I am against violence towards anyone. Much like Twindaddy talked about violence against everyone should be stopped, being a victim of it myself I am very, very much against violence. The problem I have with the response is noise.

Great, women’s rights, I am all for it personally, but I think any movement should be pointed. The issue is car alarms. That is right, car alarms. How many times do you run out to see if someone’s car is being broken into because a car alarm is going off? You typically don’t, you are used to the noise, you are desensitized to it and frankly you don’t care, you block it out, and you move on.

This happens to most movements that are not pointed, you make a lot of noise and at first, everyone turns a head, but after awhile no one bothers because everything is going off. Think the [failed in my opinion] occupy movement which is now nowhere to be found for that very reason.

I think people should choose their battles, like Miley Cyrus [whose name I had to Google because I don’t keep up with ‘famous’ people and wanted to make sure I spelled it correctly, which I did not]. That is a battle worth fighting for and here is why, skin tight, skin colored clothing, dancing ‘raunchy’ on some guy while he sings.

Appalling… right?

No, what is appalling is that people are going after her and not the guy singing a song about ‘blurred lines’ of consent. That even if she says she doesn’t want it, she’s going to get it because, really she does. Which he openly admitted the song was intended to be degrading women in an interview and I quote, ‘ People say, ‘Hey, do you think this is degrading to women?’ I’m like, ‘Of course it is. What a pleasure it is to degrade a woman. I’ve never gotten to do that before. I’ve always respected women.’

Frankly why not when we turn our attention to a woman who is dancing ‘sexy’ in front of a guy singing about rape but lets point a finger at the girl for being ‘sexy’ since rape is not as taboo as some girl dancing it what amounts to a bikini.

Just some food for thought

Since the petition directed at The Standard Hotels was responded to with an apology it appears that, everything was wrapped up nice and neat on that end. Small victories and why not, every little bit helps.

I hate violence; I have seen my fair share, been to war and back at home and overseas, frankly. Neither one is enjoyable in my opinion. So while I’m happy that the ad was pulled [if only for it being overly confusing] I’m not happy that this voice that is used to help make the world a better place is being aimed like a fire hose om full blast with no one holding it.

I can’t claim to know what it’s like being a woman or the challenges they face, I hear about them sure but I cannot relate, so I can’t rightfully say that hey you’re doing it wrong. However, from a sympathetic and similar standpoint I can say that I don’t think it is going as well as it could. We all deal with rape, men, women, doesn’t matter, you can read some of my other posts for more info on my dealings with rape for example and I am a male. You can also read about my experiences with violence and again male.

At the end of the day, I think we should come together as a whole instead of drawing a gender divide, a color divide or a culture divide and say in one voice that violence and rape is bad; the people who are doing it or promoting it whether it’s a man or woman should be stopped.

Here in America we are supposed to be ‘united’, so let’s be united so we can stop this, so we can be a more effective movement, a more effective group and have a larger impact on the world as a whole.

But what do I know, I’m only one person. Then again, so are you.

7 responses to “The Standard Hotel, Miley Cyrus, Feminism and Violence

  1. You know, I watched the Miley Cyrus performance last night because I was morbidly curious after seeing all the uproar about it. Frankly, I thought it was the best bit of unintentional comedy ever. Her “dancing” with a foam finger and touching her crotch so many times that Michael Jackson flipped in his grave had me laughing uncontrollably.

    Was there really anything appalling about her strutting around in her underwear? Sure, it was tasteless, but really, if you go to the beach you’ll find more revealing clothing.

    I’m with you on the Robin Thicke song. I’ve never listened to it, but I’ve read about it and a song subtly suggesting that no means yes is far more alarming than Miley Cyrus prancing around on TV in her undergarments.

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