I swear, I didn’t mean to do it.


I didn’t mean to kill her.

That was the first thought racing through my head, over and over. As if thinking it one more time would undo what had just happened. Like I could turn back the giant hand of time and fix this mess, but there was no going back, this was it; now I feared for my life. No one would believe it was an accident, so now I am stuck cleaning up my mess.

I need to hide her… but where?

The only solution was to drive her somewhere and dispose of the body. Storing it in the bathtub was a stroke of genius, one I could attribute to watching one too many television shows about murderers. I never thought I would be one doing the murdering, yet here I am trying to hide the love of my life.

Finally, an idea precipitates, I could wrap her up in the shower curtain, that would keep the blood from leaking out and making a mess. Next I could fit her into one of my old military sea bags. In the cover of night moving her would be easier than day time.

Renting one of the cars that were conveniently located in our apartment parking lot, was again luck of the draw since I was already a member. Usually I would use them for grocery shopping, but today I would be dropping off instead of picking up.

The sun is setting by now and I need to hurry, wrapping her up in the shower curtain I carefully fold the ends to insure the blood would not leak, tape would help make sure that it didn’t unravel somehow after she was secured in the sea bag. Once inside the large green canvas bag, I think to myself ‘I should clean up before I go’.

The smell of bleach water catches my nose by surprise as I fill the tub.

Transporting her to the car would not be an easy task. The elevator should have been empty. But it wasn’t, kids, always up. ‘They don’t know’ I kept thinking, ‘They don’t know’. The eyes they gave me told me differently, but I shrug it off as nerves. Walking over to the car I feel some relief, I am now home free.

A grey Prius, it was all they had for me. I couldn’t help but laugh at the irony of my eco friendly car with a body in the trunk. This would be the longest drive of my life. On the way to forest park, I couldn’t help but cry a little at my loss. Dwelling on it wasn’t going to help, so I stopped myself.

It was cold. The kind of cold that would cut to the bone. The kind of cold that you would expect this time of year in the pacific northwest. I am only half an hour into digging this hole and I am sweating. Every time the breeze picks up I feel that cold once again and find myself shivering. Finally, I dispose of the body and make my way back home.

I feel calm now, I’ve fixed this mistake. ‘A warm shower is in order along with some dinner, all this work has me hungry.’ I think.

After I drain the bleach water and clean out the tub once more, I take a shower. Without a shower curtain this proves to be a task. Suddenly I am startled by some noises I think I hear in the living room. I turn off the water and listen…


Nerves, again… no one knows, no one could know. The water goes back on and I finish. Exiting the bathroom I notice the muddy footprints I left on the carpet.’More mess I need to clean up’ I think

But it is easily explained away even if I don’t, this is after all the rainy season. Once dressed I breathe a sigh of relief and head into the kitchen for my hard earned dinner.

Rounding the corner I stop dead in my tracks.

It’s her, at first I think nerves, it has to be. But then she looks up from chopping an onion.

‘You would not believe the night I’ve had.’ She said, still covered in the same mud I buried her in.
‘But, but, but, you’re dead… I killed you.’ The only words that I could get out of my mouth

As far as I can tell I fainted. When I awoke I found myself tied up and in the tub.

‘Okay hunny, your turn!’ She said with a smile. Those were the last words I heard…

9 responses to “I swear, I didn’t mean to do it.

  1. First reaction: OH MY GOD!!!! This better not be a true fucking story. OMG YOU KNOW HOW TO DISPOSE OF A DEAD BODY! OHMYGOD YOU TOOK ME TO THAT PARK!!

    End reaction: You asshole.

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