The last straw


He carried it with him everywhere. That teddy bear, at four it was cute but at eight it was just pathetic. As his older brother it was my right, no my duty to help him get past needing it.

Being the oldest means getting all the chores, doing all the work, and getting yelled at for everything. He was only four years younger but our parents still treat me like I’m his keeper.

I was just going to hide it, make him see he didn’t need it anymore. But the plan changed after what he did to me at dinner.

‘Calvin come in here right now!’ Mom was screaming at me, this was all too normal unfortunately.
‘What is this mess?’ She said pointing to the half eaten chocolate cake, or what looked to be half eaten. It was hard to tell with the mess of cake crumbs and frosting all over the counter and floor.

‘I didn’t do it Mom, I swear’ I said
‘Then who did?’ She said looking over her glasses. I knew I was in trouble, no matter how I responded.
‘No one else is home and your brother is doing homework in his room, now don’t lie.’ She was convinced it was me.

I just remained silent, there was no use.

‘You’re grounded!’ Those were the words I was expecting to hear… again.

I was always getting the blame for him.

I wasn’t sure he had done it, after all we had dogs. Β He his my little brother so I have to give him the benefit of the doubt sometimes. That is, until I saw it. Frosting on that stupid bears mouth. Just a little, but it was unmistakable. He was trying to feed that bear of his, yet again and I get the blame, as usual.

Getting in trouble for him is a constant thing, I am beyond tired of it. So while we ate, I thought up a way to get him back. The dogs were going to get a new chew toy.

After dinner, I was stuck doing the dishes thanks to my little brother. All the while he got to play video games with the damn bear. But tonight I didn’t care, I wasn’t going to be getting in any more trouble. When it was bedtime I went quietly and calmly to my room, then I waited.

By the time Mom and Dad went to sleep I knew my brother was out. Sneaking across the hall I stopped. Peaking around the corner I could see the other rooms, ‘Mom and Dad’s door is closed’ I thought. This will be easy for me.

Reaching my brothers room I gently turned the knob and slowly open the door. In the moonlight it was easy to make out my brothers shadow and the bears. Quietly and quickly I grab the bear, this wasn’t hard since my brother could sleep through a hurricane and once slept through an earthquake.

Then I walked down stairs. No one would hear the dogs if I was quite and made sure they didn’t get too worked up. Teddy bear in hand I turn down the kitchen into the living room. I find the dogs asleep, on the couch, as usual.

‘Shhh’ I tell them, with a finger over my lips. ‘I brought you something!’

One of the dogs jump up, our dobermans love toys so it doesn’t take long before he grabs onto the snout of the bear. I put one hand over my mouth when this happens, it’s all I can do to keep myself from bursting out laughing.

‘Let’s see you eat cake now!’ I whisper

It was too perfect, after the dogs had their fun, I leave the mess. Just so our parents would know for sure it was the dogs and not me. The next morning I wake up to find my Mom lecturing my brother about leaving his door open with the dogs in the house and the mess she was going to have to clean up because of it.

Once Mom is done I walk over and say ‘What’s going on?’

‘The dogs got my bear’ He tells me ‘I didn’t think it would be that easy.’
The last line caught me off guard ‘What do you mean?’ I ask him.

‘He was evil, he would’ve hurt me if I didn’t keep him with me, I’m glad that was all it took.’ he said
‘Yeah, right’ I laugh

‘You didn’t do anything to him did you?’ He asked
‘So what if I did?’ I replied

‘I hope you didn’t… for your sake.’ he tells me while walking away

I had to laugh at my little brother, he always had an imagination. School came and went; so did dinner. It was the first time that I could remember, where I didn’t get yelled at for anything. It turned out to be a great day.

Bedtime rolled around and we went to our rooms. I was still thinking about what my brother had said, it was still just as funny now frankly. Sleep came easily, as always, but I found myself awake in the middle of the night. As luck would have it, I never slept as soundly as my brother so really, this was nothing new.

But as I start to roll over to go back to sleep the blankets catch on something. When I turn back around, I jump up; my heart starts racing. The words don’t want to come out. It’s eyes, staring right at me and it’s teeth, I am petrified.

‘We’re going to be best friends now.’ the teddy bear said ‘Or else…’

Mom and Dad never did bother to ask why I had his bear after that night, even at my age.

11 responses to “The last straw

  1. Creepy! I am 51 and I sleep with 2 stuffed animals, a baby toy bunny with crinkly ears, a squeaky foot and a jingle paw (reminds me of my daycare kids I used to take care of): and a lamb (reminds me of my daughter when she was a baby). I’m glad my animals don’t talk to me!

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