September the Twelfth- A Marine’s Tale


There are few moments that my generation will have, that will make history, after two world wars my generation will not have a ‘great war’. Thankfully, the world is tired of that. The development of nuclear weapons has come and gone. We made it, we still managed to not blow ourselves to little bits.

September 11th changed the course of my generation. It will not be a day that will live in infamy, because truthfully how many people remember when pearl harbor day actually is without the aid of google? [Hint it is in December] It is still an important day however, at 2,996 people killed [statistic via wikipedia] it was the bloodiest foreign attack on American soil in our history.

But it was September the twelfth that really showed what America was all about. We started cleaning up the mess, we resolved as a nation that this would not be the end of us, we cried for our loss but we kept going like we needed to do. Like the generations did before us had done.

Almost three thousand people dead, think about that for a second. The number is literally too large for us as humans to comprehend, the gravity of that many people dead doesn’t register for us since we are not equipped to understand, our brains just can’t do it.

That didn’t stop my generation from standing up and joining the fight, war was coming, no it was not a world war. There was no island hopping campaign, no battle of the bulge, no battle of belleau wood. But it was our fight nonetheless.

My generation may have been called many things. Mostly we were supposed to be a generation of perpetual children in the eyes of those who came before us.But when the battle call sounded, we were there to answer. People called it a war for oil, or one Bush finishing what the other Bush started. However, it was one that my generation saw and signed up for as a righteous cause knowing full well that we were at war.

September 11th will be a day my generation will always remember. It was the start of something bigger than we are and it shaped us. We are a new generation of war veterans waiting for medications at the VA next to World War 2 vets, Korean War vets, Vietnam Vets. Our Fathers and Grandfathers are in that room and we are sitting next to them with pride as equals.

There is something a bit humbling sitting in a room and being the youngest by twenty plus years. To hear stories and see scars from people I look up to. People who I could not imagine going through what they had to go through. But the most humbling thing of all is hearing that they couldn’t imagine what I went though.

Everyone will remember September the eleventh, but I will never forget September the twelfth, the day I enlisted into the United States Marine Corps. It would be a heavy burden to carry, but I was determined to make history with my fellow Marines.

And you know what, we did.

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8 responses to “September the Twelfth- A Marine’s Tale

  1. With all respect for all the victims of this horrible heartbreaking day and their families, would you say why nobody grieves the loss of lives of more than 1 million Iraqis who were killed because of US military intervention? Most of them were civilians! That means innocent children, women, elders… 3000 is beyond comprehension, that’s true, and 1,000,000?

    P.S. nations aren’t sacred, children are! The biggest part of the victims of wars are children, and those of them who survive carry scars which can never be healed! Stop the wars! Go for peace!

    • Ah there is always at least one… I was going to delete this since I figure arguing over the internet is about the lowest form of communication possible but your last line really caught me. Go for peace.

      Now I am all for sustainability and since that is the case I am not about peace, peace is unsustainable. Also I would be curious where you assume that most people who were killed in Iraq were civilians, because that isn’t the truth, not even close. Sure we have had civilian casualties and as military we carry that burden with us, we are the ones grieving for that loss.

      The difference is we weren’t at war, the people who died in the towers had no idea it was coming. They didn’t get a choice. So no, lets not go for peace, peace is an illusion brought on by nieve ideals that could not and will not ever be possible.

      I hate war as much as the next person, but it is a necessary evil. One that will never go away, no matter how many times you try to call out for peace. There is no such thing as peace, only wars and the time between wars.

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