I didn’t know…

The glass was stained with blood, peering over the top I could see my wife. He had her tied, she was helpless. We both knew better than to trust people, but when we got lost we thought someone could give us directions at least.

I watch him suddenly leave the room, this was my chance. Carefully sliding the window open, in a sprint I try to reach her. The room was covered in blood, the first thing I noticed was the smell, rotting meat. I didn’t want to stick around to figure out if it was the people kind of meat.

‘Shhh’ I say
‘Hurry’ was her reply

Hastily, I untie her arms from the chair and we run. We don’t make it very far before he walks back into the room. I make sure she gets out the window first, I try to follow but he grabs my shirt.

Yelling and flailing I manage to get free with only a torn dress shirt to show for it. This guy is yelling the entire time as we run, I don’t stop to figure out what he is saying.

Could you blame me?

The second problem presents itself quickly. We have no idea where we are and there no car in sight.

So we do the only thing we can, run.

In the forest everything looks the same, so there is no guarantee that we are going to make it anywhere helpful. Right now anywhere away from this guy is going to be our best bet. When we finally feel like we had gotten far enough away that we could catch our breath I look up at my wife, who is leaning on a tree.

‘Some honeymoon, huh?’ I say with a half smile
‘You’re telling me’ she says

We continue our trek through the forest, when the sun started to come up a sense of calm came over me. Looking over at my wife I realize she seems calmer as well. Then we see it.

‘Train tracks!’ I practically scream it

After following them some we can see a town ahead, this horror of a night is almost over. By this point we are both exhausted so we stop to take a breather. But she still has an odd look on her face.

‘What did he say?’ she asks
‘What do you mean?’ I respond

‘What did that guy scream?’
‘I didn’t hear him, I don’t know.’ I explain

She wraps her arms around me at this point, ‘I’m glad you came for me.’ she says
‘I had to.’ I tell her

Then I feel it, right in the chest. Her hand, going right into my chest…

‘I didn’t plan for you to meet daddy.’ She says
‘What…’ the only words I could get out

‘Now walk’ she hisses

So I do the only thing I can, turn around and walk. I really do love her, I would never leave.


But some women really will rip your heart right out of you…

What are your thoughts?

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