Weekly Writing Challenge: Marry me?

‘We should turn around.’ I said
‘Yeah that might be a good idea’

The rain was suddenly in our faces and I realized now why my back was so wet.

‘I didn’t think we went out so far.’ I told her, now seeing the distance back to the car
‘It’s okay, I like this’, she tried to reassure me

It was hard to hear her over the sounds of the waves coming in. The constant sideways rain that was now covering the front of me as we walked made it hard to think she could actually be having a good time.

‘So much for the super moon.’
‘It’s okay, it’s always cloudy.’ She said, still trying to reassure me

It was quiet, with enough light to barely make things out. Taking a deep breath upon approaching some rocks I finally do it.

‘Go play in the water.’ I tell her nervously
‘Okay.’ she said with a smile

Watching her run toward the water, I wait until I know she isn’t coming back anytime soon; I find a stick on the beach. Then I start to write in the sand, glancing back on occasion to make sure she was safe and still playing.

When I finish I head back over to where she is. I purposefully leave my sandals, not only mark the spot, but to give us a reason to go back.

Once there, I hold her face in my hands
“Has today been a good day?” I ask
She smiled at me, “It has been perfect.”

Then we kissed.

Looking back to where I was, I point, ‘I forgot my flip flops.’
So together we walked back.

Laughing was all she could do when she saw it. Then she started to walk off…

Nervously I chase after, ‘Forget it, just forget it happened.’
‘No, lets go back.’

Once we returned to the spot, we stopped. She just looked at it.

Dropping down to one knee I started, ‘I will never deserve you…’
What followed I will never be able to repeat, it was words without thought, but words that were from the heart.

‘Will you marry me?’

She just stared at me.
The rain suddenly didn’t seem to matter, the cold wet sand I found myself on was the least of my worries. Intently I now focused on her mouth, waiting for it to move, waiting for some sort of sound to come out…

After what seemed like hours she responds.

I couldn’t contain myself smiling I picked her up, spun her around and kissed her. Oh, I couldn’t stop kissing her, she said YES! She really made me smile that day.

And I haven’t stopped smiling since…

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