Weekly writing challenge: More than the sum

‘You look just like your father.’ My grandmother once said and a sense of dread instantly came over me. I did not want to look like him; I did not want anything to do with him. A few years later in life, I would get better news.

‘Is that your mom?’ she asked
‘You look just like her.’

It was probably the best thing I could hope for, being told I looked like her and nothing like my father.

My Mother was a beautiful woman; I do not really see it per say but others, who have seen her photos, tell me she was. They say I have her smile, which is comforting since I loved her smile and I would be proud to carry that with me always.

My personality thankfully came mostly from my Uncle. A kind and gentle man, he helped when he could, how he could, where he could, and rarely asked for anything in return. However, even if I make him sound saint like, with that description, it is certainly not enough, to describe the kind of man he was.

If one thing came from my father’s side, it would be the military service. He and my grandfather both served, my father in the Army, my grandfather in the Navy, and I served in the Marine Corps.

I found that kind-heartedness runs on my Mom’s side of the family unexpectedly when I received a surprise email from my half brother, I did not know I even had… in Greece. He was from my Moms first marriage and I was thankful he spoke better English than I did Greek.

He offered to take me in if I was ever in Greece to visit and thanks to my search for my Mother, I found that I have family I do not mind knowing.

I have had a hard life, there are precious few family members I would want to think about. So instead I want to think about my children. From a physical standpoint, I hope that comes completely from my wife, who is by far the most beautiful person I have ever seen.

But if I have to pass on anything, I hope to pass on my humor and wit. I want them to be kind to others and to treat people the way they want to be treated.

I want to pass on to my children what my Uncle passed on to me, how to be a decent person.

If I can do, even just that, I will be a proud parent.

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