A short word on food

During this time of year I workout, a lot. My wife can attest that to the fact that in the house we have more protein powder than food at the moment [don’t judge, it’s cheap and tasty]. This would probably lead you to believe I am a huge health nut and eat only organic, free range, cruelty free, fat free health foods or some crap like that.

This could not be further from the truth.

The truth is I also eat, a lot. By that I mean my eating feeding habits scare the elderly and small children. I have always had a love hate relationship with food, I love to eat it and hate when there is none left. That is about as far as I get with food.

But food is good, come on ice cream, cake, cookies, all so good, but also so bad for you.

My weight has fluctuated throughout my life, these days I’m not as ‘fat’ as I was growing up, but I still think that I am, in fact ‘fat’, that might have more to do with how much I gorge myself and less with how I actually look. Who knows really, but I don’t have the answers for that one and frankly no one could tell me different.

With the holidays rolling around, I try to focus on going to the gym and lifting. Because I know that if I do not my waistline will expand so much that, I will not be able to fit into my extra fat holiday jeans [don’t lie, everyone owns at least one pair]. However, let’s be clear, I enjoy working out, I really do.

However, I hate running.

I hate it with a passion, I do everything I can possibly do to avoid running and instead, I focus on other variables, like walking, walking I enjoy, running not so much.

Running to me is like trying to gouge out my eyes; I would rather get it over with as fast as possible or just avoid it all together. So when I say I workout to stay fit and be able to eat, what I really mean is I lift big weights in the gym, sweat and pant like I am running, all so I can avoid actually needing to run.

So the truth is I do what I can to be able to keep eating the way that I want. It probably isn’t the best for me, but you only get the one life and you might as well enjoy it. I like to think that the set up I have is mutually beneficial, I workout to stay fit and live longer and I eat because I live.

And whole point of this post isn’t for me to convince myself what I do is normal, so I can some how make it okay.

It is more for me to ask, when’s dinner?

11 responses to “A short word on food

  1. Enjoyable reading. My weight fluctuates too. I blame it on my age. I ran 12 miles this week but rode my bike 65 miles and nothing changes and I do not eat junk but I DO drink wine which is empty calories. I understand !

  2. I eat. And I don’t workout. My even punish myself with that last part? Why not just FULLY enjoy life and do nothing other than eat eat eat all day long. Which is what I do. And you’ll do it too. Because we can be fat and happy together, forever.

  3. Actually what you are doing is probably ok for now, just keep in mind that as you get older your metabolism changes and your ability to do the extreme workouts will become harder so you will eventually need to learn how to enjoy a plate of food but not eat the entire platter. At some point this lifestyle you lead now will stress your body out so just keep in tune with your body and if you start seeing signs of wear and tear, start rethinking your eating habits please. Being overweight is fun to joke about when you aren’t there yet, it’s no picnic (pun intended) when you become the joke.

    • Lol thank you, it was more a joke than reality, although lately my wife [eh hem] keeps deep frying everything so it may not be a joke for long.

  4. You don’t need to run to keep fit. There are other ways to do the same like swimming and keep to your own pace so you would enjoy it rather than having to force your way to keep your health in check.

    Don’t miss out on eating good food! As long as you keep it in moderation you won’t feel like you’ve limited your choices and tastes of awesome stuff.

    Stay happy n healthy.. The both of you 😀

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