Physics for children [or my wife]- Gravity

Einstein once said that if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it. Well with that in mind I wanted to explain gravity for anyone interested but aimed at kids, hence the drawings!

Meet Newton, this guy had a great idea one day when an apple hit him in the head, well not really, but that is how the story goes.


He came up with a set of equations [fancy term for math!] that you could use to figure out how fast something would fall and a lot of other really cool stuff involving gravity. But even though he knew it worked, he had no idea why it worked.


Then a long time later Einstein came into the picture and had a great idea! He came up with the idea that space [the fabric of space as it is called] bends!

earth, sun, space

Without any planets on space [as seen above] there is no bending.

But the second we add any planet or sun to the mix space bent.

Eartha around sun

It turns out that this theory was proved to be correct! Space actually bends when we add things to it [even you! But just a teeny tiny bit].

The earth travels around the sun at a really huge speed [67,062 miles per hour! Now that is fast!!!] so it doesn’t get pulled into the sun and sort of works like this:

Friction vs. non friction

The coin will travel around the funnel and eventually get to the center, if you ever used one you know what this looks like. But because space has no friction, it doesn’t slow down!

Eartha around sun no friction

This is why we don’t fall into the sun! We are constantly falling towards the sun but we never fall into it, this is why our orbit around the sun is not perfectly circular. And why things fall in general so next time you drop something, just remember gravity!

7 responses to “Physics for children [or my wife]- Gravity

  1. My Physics teacher is new to the school this year. He lasted about 3 weeks. He couldn’t teach at all.
    Examples of this: First lesson he jumbled everything up and then told us it was a lesson on how important units are. Another time a couple weeks later, not only did I have to remind him of the formula he was meant to be teaching US – Speed = Distance/Time – and how to do basic math, I then had to teach him the units.
    Basically, whole load of crap went down, and…he got fired. First of all there was a load of waiting and awkwardness and then somebody else had to take us and we were told ‘I don’t know who will be taking you from now on.’
    Then, when waiting in reception to go to a harp concert with my harp teacher (yeah, I know) I saw two people come in. Turns out it was for an interview, which I assume is for his job.
    I found out, when talking to somebody else about this, that he used to be a vicar and he doesn’t believe in gravity.
    I know this is completely irrelevant but this made me think of it xD

  2. When my son was little he called it, “Grabbity”, and said that it was responsible for keeping everything stuck onto Planet Earth.

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