Friends for the faceless

Lora DogA monster, a faceless monster. The people around him do not notice, he is invisible to the world around him. Average build, average height, average, he is average. That is all you can say about him.

Then, should it be odd, to say that he is lonely?

Far from a spiritual person the only way to describe the act of going to war is by saying it’s like tearing the soul into pieces.

War leaves a mark on people, not all marks are visible. Some come home with other issues that are just as real as losing a leg. Reaching out, attempting to shut off the monster you made yourself become to do what you needed to do, without regret, without thinking.

It’s a seemingly impossible task, because what you don’t know is the monster consumes you, eats at everything you once were and leaves you somewhere in the deepest recesses of your mind screaming out for someone to save you. It leaves you with no way out.

It leaves you alone.

That should be the end of the story.
That should be where we leave it.

But life throws odd curves. In my case a girl, a beautiful young girl who has helped me immensely to not feel alone, to not feel invisible. Which is more than I ever thought I would get in this life.

We all need friends, people we can turn to. Humans are social creatures, no one truly likes to be alone and post war it’s hard to not feel alone walking around in school with kids who haven’t even left Mommy and Daddy’s home much less have traveled to another country to go to war.

I feel almost guilty that I have come about this peace.

So long have I longed for someone to hold me and see the me that I actually am.

It has become painfully obvious that I have been wrong for a very long time. No one is actually faceless, even if it feels like sometimes you are.

She sees me; it is both beautiful and terrifying.
No one has ever seen me before; it makes me feel… alive.

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