The edges sometimes blur together
Until you can’t tell if it started or ended
The colors faded until all you have left is the blackness
And there is no comfort without light

They say that without the bad times there are no good
They say that hard times builds character
They say you should take your lumps and like it
They say that good wins out over evil
…but only on days that don’t end with y

You never get to be the one
making the final, game winning score
Because life threw in the towel for you long ago
But you can only get up so many times before you give up

But they were wrong, who are they anyway?
What do they know about you
About how you function
The stuff you are made of
How do they know anything about you?

Sometimes life doesn’t make sense
You are faced with challenges you didn’t ask for
Tasks you didn’t want
A hand you shouldn’t have been dealt
But you play it with a smile

Life cannot always be fair
Neither will people
But with compassion, you will find light
No matter how bad things are
Someone else has it worse

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t
Complain, whine, bitch, yell, scream, or cry
Because you should
But you should also know that you will make it

There is no comfort in the darkness
But you never find yourself in the dark
Because your actions are bright
You shine like the stars in the heavens

But that is what the fairy tales don’t tell you
Sometimes when life is bad
It gets worse
But if you don’t give in
Then nothing can stop you

2 responses to “Darkness

  1. If you really thought what you wrote is crap, you wouldn’t post it for the public to read. It’s okay to believe in yourself … and it’s okay to admit it. I believe in you, and I love your writing. So there. Hmph.

    Kisses, Your Wife.

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