The closing act

BILLY II by Lora zombie

The music is intense, deep and dark. There is a sense of sadness in it, a sense of disdain for the strange man in the mirror. But looking back at the events that have lead our hero here, we are not surprised. All the wrong turns, false starts, wars won… and lost, the scars visible and otherwise. There are no surprises, no illusions or slight of hand, just the man in the mirror.

Grey hairs, those are new. Or maybe he just never noticed them before, time has sunken in on our hero’s face, wrinkles, lines of stress and age remind him that he is not as young as he used to be. War torn and tired of fighting… tired. If we had to choose one word for the feeling it would be


Another year over and a new one beginning. What will happen to our fabled hero? What fights and new challenges will he face?

Life has changed, things are different now, they are new and exciting. Our lone hero is no longer alone. Life doesn’t seem so scary when you have a partner who will walk beside you and fight with you. One who will hold you close when you need it and push you to fight harder when you cannot.

Life is good, for the first time in a long time, life is good.

Easy? No, definitely not.

However, seldom in life are things worth it when they are easy.

So now we sit at the closing act, ready for the hero to fall, or for some unseen force to come set us up for the next chapter, a new story. Now at the edge of our seat, we  watch as the man realizes that the person in the mirror staring back so confused, really is him.

The curtains are closing, but the applause is held. The audience wants more, needs more. However it wont find it, not today. This is the end of this years story. Soon it will be the beginning of a new year, which will bring with it a whole new set of challenges and adventures for our hero.  A whole new story, with a new cast of characters ready to share an intimate view of their lives with you.

But for now the story is winding down, our hero didn’t always come out on top. There were no grand explosions leaving him unscathed while everyone fell around him. No police chases, or epic gun battles, just life.

But oh, what a life it’s been…

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