Merry Christmas and other non-PC greetings!


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Kwanzaa, ’tis the season! Time to wear my Santa hat and put my expanding gut to good use. Of course it’s also the season for controversy.

Heck, I would start a controversy if any other time of the year some bearded fat guy in a red jump suit wanted my kid to sit in his lap, started asking if he has been a good boy or not, and all the while saying he is going to be watching him.

Strangely enough that isn’t the controversy though, everyone loves Santa, I mean big jolly guy who eats cookies and gives presents, whats not to like when you put it in that light?

The controversy is that not everyone celebrates Christmas, so while we are waging wars, killing innocent people, stealing, torturing and letting poor people rot we are in an uproar about the real problem.


I get it, Christmas, the birth of Santa Jesus. I’m an atheist myself so I should be in an uproar myself. Quick someone grab me a flaming torch and we can just burn it all!!! Starting with my own Christmas tree!!


Now I hate organized religion as much as the next atheist, but really? Christmas is getting the ax and people are throwing a fit when you wish them a ‘Merry Christmas’? I don’t punch an old lady in the face for saying ‘bless you’ after I sneeze because she is just being polite … right?

I love the spirit of the holidays, sure there is some religious connotations, after all the Catholics stole the holiday from the Pagans [Spoiler alert most biblical scholars don’t think Jesus was born around Christmas and the Pagans had it first, same thing with Easter, which is where the eggs come from, it was a Pagan fertility festival] so it’s always been a ‘religious’ time of year.

But do we really need to invoke a particular religion to treat each other with respect and show compassion for your fellow man?

It’s like saying lets not try to curb pollution because global warming isn’t real.

Personally, I don’t care if we hang up flaming goat skulls and pentagrams for Christmas. If it brings the masses together and even if only for the briefest moments in our short existence, made the world a slightly better place for the people who, for whatever reason, don’t have a whole lot then I say let’s do it. 

Now I get not being religious as I do that with the best of them. I also get beating my head against the wall when someone tries to force religion on me. But do I throw a fit when I pass a church because of it?

No, so when I pass by and see the Christmas decorations out or hear people wishing me a Merry Christmas I do the same thing back, because it is polite.

Sure we have a lot of different ‘religious’ holidays around this time of year. But if I see a rabbi then, Mazel Tov to him. I prefer Christmas over Hanukkah but if the governing body puts out a menorah I’m not going to get my panties in a bunch. So let’s put the religious BS aside and use the time to just be decent people, even if it is only once a year.

Now excuse me while I punch an old lady for saying bless you.

Oh and from an Atheist…


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