Weekly Writing Challenge: Twas the night before…


Twas the night before, the night before Christmas eve
and wrapped up in bed
visions of years past, rushed through my head.
A insignificant day, of this, there was no doubt.
But I still had an urge to write it all out.

The time before Christmas, a fond memory it would be,
when I was just a boy, no older than three.
My father hung the stockings by the fire with care.
It was a memorable time, because my mother was still there.

The time to follow was one of trouble and woe
because it was off to live with my grandmother I would go.
Days before Christmas I would remember well.
All because the house had, the most remarkable smell.

The cookies were baked and the Turkey out thawing.
However, a bad feeling was still with me, gnawing.
We all had a role in that home, year, after year.
But all of it was fake, even the cheer.

Christmas with my father, in my later youth
would bring back hope of happiness, a seasonal truth.
Days before Christmas would be uneventful
even if the season, was somewhat sentimental.

The decorations would be up
with lights all aglow.
But Christmas would still lack,
which was a significant blow.

St. Nick wouldn’t be around
For the Christmases that would follow
So the season of cheer
would leave me feeling quite hollow.

No family to see, no home to go stay
And no holiday cheer , for that Christmas day.

This year is memorable, the best in my life.
Because this year, I get Christmas, with my wife.
The stockings are hung, with some for the cats!
Even if  sometimes, they are little brats.

The fridge full, of holiday sweets calling my name.
Christmas for me, will never be the same.

When suddenly from the kitchen, there arose such a clatter.
I got up from my computer to see what was the matter.
Lo and behold to my delight, it’s just my wife, what a sight!
She’s working hard, baking yummy treats.
And out from the oven came caramel corn, on the cookie sheets.

‘What do you think?’ she asked with a worry
‘This is delicious!’ I exclaimed in a hurry

Christmas is close, oh Christmas is near.
But for yours truly, it’s already here.
A home with my wife, a family at last,
Make up for all the other, Christmases past.

To my keyboard I flew, to write with a warm heart.
This may be the ending, but for me, it is my fresh start
So now I end this tale, to my delight
‘Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!’


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