‘You know what you did’ and other 4am madness

antena by lora zombie

‘You know what you did, don’t touch me.’ That was the only answer my wife would give me. 4:00 in the morning and she won’t explain to me what I had just done wrong. A little context is in order to understand the folding of events which lead to this point, however.

It started off like any other night, a movie with a late night dinner, leftovers since our fridge was stuffed with half eaten culinary delights from the past few days of cooking more than we needed for a single meal.

Neither of us have been feeling all too well, sort of run down and just a touch on the sick side. This night however, we both had been feeling pretty good. Both of us wanted to get to bed at a decent hour, since we have not been and the result was waking up mid afternoon the following day, not too particularly helpful for us.

Then my wife dropped the bomb, after taking her nightly vitamins I reminded her that her iron supplement should be taken in halves along with food since it would likely upset her stomach.

‘Oops, I already took it.’

I had to hold my breath and hope for the best, maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. As the evening progressed, we settled into bed and decided to read before we called it a night, the vitamin incident firmly out of my head.

That was, of course, when her stomach got the best of her. The pain was unbearable, a sharp stabbing pain in the intestine area, which to fix, ย she laid by the heater, hoping it would help relieve the pain. After about an hour it seemed she was doing better and back into bed we went.

This would be the only indication I would have, of a night that would be any more remarkable than any other night. The light was turned off and we were left in the dark with the promise of sleep coming soon.

A few hours after we decided to turn in, I found sleep harder to obtain than usual. It happens some nights you see, I used to not sleep at all until I met my wife. With only frustration in sight I decided to use the restroom in the hopes that I would be greeted with sleep soon after.

Life had other plans…

Once I returned my wife rolled toward me. ‘I woke up and you weren’t here.’ she started.

‘I hate it when you aren’t there…’

A touching conversation and one that I am proud to have. However, it took a sharp detour from there.

‘You wait until I’m asleep don’t you?’ she said with a tone in her voice that meant nothing good was going to come next.

‘What?! No, I just had to use the bathroom, what did I do wrong?’

A wave of panic found me, making sleep a distant hope at this point.

‘You know what you did, don’t touch me.’

Suddenly I found my wife on the other side of the bed, a far cry from how close we usually sleep. ‘What’s wrong?’ I said hastily

‘You know.’

What came next was just a single sentence. Not only was it my fault, but there was no way for me to fix it. This was going to be a long, long night and I was squarely in the doghouse for what I had done.

But with that one sentence it all made sense.

To be continued…

13 responses to “‘You know what you did’ and other 4am madness

  1. Oh God what next ? What was the sentence ? I was to solve out the perplexity in my mind ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I know that sentence is the key. I guess it has something to do with the tablets ? No ? Amazing story btw ๐Ÿ™‚

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