Weekly Writing Challenge: Just Keep Swimming


Photo courtesy of Cheri Lucas Rowlands

Sometimes the most incredible things happen in the most ordinary of circumstances, that is how I would describe the events that lead up to this photo. Nothing that morning foreshadowed the most incredible events that would happen that afternoon.

The beach was always my place to unwind, so after a long week of work, I knew that when I awoke Saturday morning, it was going to be a day for the beach. My job was giving me more trouble than it was worth, I found myself [happily] still single after several attempts at a love connection that would never happen, and I really needed to move; I hate my neighbors.

After  my morning cup of coffee and the usual thoughts about my wasted life, I stepped out into the sunshine with the promise of a day of relaxation. After changing into my shorts, with towel in hand, I was off to my favorite private spot.

Stepping out of the car I could feel the stress melting away, the hot sun beating down on my skin. Finally, I could smile again. I looked around, empty as usual, no one ever comes to this spot. I was thankful I had found it, since after a week of dealing with rude and obnoxious people, the last thing I wanted to do was to talk to anyone.

It hadn’t been long however, before my quite thoughts were interrupted by a strangers voice. I spun around in the water, that was when I first saw her.

‘Would you mind if I took your picture?’ she asked

I was stunned, my heart fluttered at her request, not because I was shy about my photo being taken, but because she was beautiful.

‘Sure’, the only word I could get out.

‘Okay, well just keep swimming.’

After several photos were taken, including this one, we just sat and talked. She was an amateur photographer, bubbly and kind. Before we knew it the sun was setting across the water and we had to say our goodbyes.

With promises of seeing each other the following weekend, I once again made the drive home. This time however, I was trying not to count down the minutes left until I saw her again.

When the next weekend finally came around, I held my breath as I drove to my spot. Would she be there again?

Stepping out of the car, the bright sunshine made it difficult to see, my heart was racing. Was she here?

‘I was wondering what took you so long.’ A woman’s voice sounded

Before I knew it, I was smiling again.

And that is how I first met my wife.

A little fiction, inspired by the random way I met my wife [thank you again wordpress for that one], for the weekly writing challenge.

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