Weekly Writing Challenge: My Fuzzy Valentine


Ladies and Gentleman, it’s the final countdown.

Valentines day is slowly approaching and my wife is reminding me with [not so] subtle hints like, ‘Oh breakfast in bed!  How romantic!’

Now, I do like to think of myself as a romantic. So I have a more than just a few things planned for the feared day. My wife suggested in her post that we are on the same team and that it is a beautiful thing.

While I whole heatedly agree, I am suggesting that when it comes to Valentines day, love is war. I’ve got my trenches dug, I’m reviewing the secret plans and the hidden codes, all trying to out flank my enemy.

That enemy, Valentines day.

It is the day that relationships are either made or broken. Ever hear a woman say ‘My husband did X on Valentines day, and Oh I loved it’, I am sure you have at least once. Of course, I am also sure you have heard a hundred more horror stories.

So the line in the sand has been drawn. It’s time to pull out the heavy artillery and pray that you have the stuff to survive, with the hopes of seeing tomorrow. It’s the day hero’s are made and battle hardened men are broken down to nothing more then sniveling babies.

Valentines day is just days away, no “I survived” tee shirts, no military medals to be handed out, it’s just a battle in it’s purest most raw form.

But that is really what Valentines day is about. Oh and like my wife said, chocolate lots of chocolate.

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